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Canadian Engineering Associates Ltd. is a group of dedicated experienced engineers focused on quality delivery of services to the mining and metallurgical industries in a safe and environmentally compliant manner. With the final operation always in mind, our group delivers only the necessities to achieve an effective outcome in a lean concise manner.

Our associates and affiliates are recognized best-in-breed in our industry, which ensures satisfactory outcomes without the need for cumbersome systems and procedures, relying instead on the proven skills and quality of the contributing individuals.

We pride ourselves as experts in difficult brownfield settings. We have experience on every continent in base and precious metals as well as industrial minerals and select light metals. Our team delivers all facets of the operations including auxiliary plant and gaseous and liquid waste handling facilities.
Cam Harris
Cameron Harris
Principal: Smelting
Years of Experience
over 30
Key Expertise

Senior Executive, Company Director
Techno-economic Evaluations 

EPCM, Commissioning, Operation
Non-Ferrous Pyrometallurgy (Sulphide and Oxide) 

Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Platinum, Titanium, Lithium 

Project and Operation Optimization
Advanced Enterprise Design and IT/OT Integration 

John Romano
John Romano
Principal: Offgas Systems
Years of Experience
over 25
Key Expertise

Offgas Treatment and System Design Specialist 

Mechanical System Design

Financial Modelling / Sensitivity Analysis of Projects

Software Development 

Study Management, Project Engineering, Project Management 

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals 

Feasibility Evaluations, EPCM, Commissioning Support

Velimir Ljubibratic
Velimir Ljubibratic
Principal: Bulk Material Handling
Years of Experience
Key Expertise

Mechanical Engineering specializing in Bulk Material Handling 

Project Management, Engineering Management 

Base Metals, Precious Metals, Biomass, Coal, Others 

Techno-Economic Evaluations, EPCM, Commissioning 

Electric Overhead Cranes Design and Fabrication

Steel Design

MacRae Technologies
Furnace Design
Furnace Equipment
Anjala & Co.

CAENG - Studies Services
We offer high-quality conceptual and pre-feasibility studies that bring value to our clients as they reflect the experience and knowledge of the contributors in a concise defensible manner.
Our studies draw the right conclusions and lead our clients toward good projects.
CAENG - Engineering Services
From Feasibility through Start-up support, our experienced engineering team delivers product that enables accurate estimation and construction of a project with minimal or no rework and no surprises. Our team is collaborative and embraces the humility born from competence and eagerness to learn.
CAENG - Sustaining Capital Projects Services
Sustaining Capital Projects
We are brownfield specialists aware of the importance of site-presence and creativity to effect cost-efficient schedule-critical services inside the most difficult operating environments.
CAENG - Owner's Team Services
Owner’s Team
With the increase in lump-sum and self-performance, deep technical and project knowledge can be brought to bolster client capability to get the most out of EPCs, suppliers and contractors.
CAENG - CAENG - Consulting Services
With industry-leading experience and knowledge within our associates and affiliates, we can bring insight into all phases of projects, from optimization of project plans to maximize returns while minimizing environmental impact, to analysis of existing operations to identify the best path to improvement.
Bulk Material Handling
Mineral Processing
Offgas Handling and Treatment
Effluent Treatment
Process Control
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