Bulk Material Handling
Metallurgical plants handle highly diverse materials whose handling remain a key source of operational difficulties.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to designing these systems and specific knowledge of the nature of the materials is essential.

Using the best tools with the correct inputs gleaned from extensive plant exposure, our systems are designed for trouble-free operations.

Whether it be ore or concentrate, intermediate product and recycle materials, coarse and fine particles or dusts or slurries, our team has likely encountered your specific circumstances and can bring solutions to that will move the focus away from this area of the plant on an ongoing basis.
Mineral Processing
Be it size reduction from ROM down to fine ground particulate including classification and application of cutting edge ore-sorting technologies, our team can design cost effective reliable plant that delivers the feed needed for efficient processing.

Mineral separation, be it gravimetric, flotation, or magnetic, are areas of expertise that are available.

With particular knowledge of the very challenging problems of smelter revert handling where materials being handling are mixes of wildly varying types, our team will face the most challenging problems and provide workable realistic solutions.
With extensive experience in sulphide smelting and electric furnace smelting, our team consists of experts who combine deep technical knowledge with pragmatism that comes from exposure to real world operations.

With familiarity of all oxygen and electric sulphide smelting technologies in base metals or platinum, as well as titanium, ferro-alloys and others, we have the knowledge and skills to offer high-quality lean effective services for every part of the operation, including slag handling, pyro- and electro-refining, casting, air separation and compression, water treatment and others.
Our experts have exposure to all major hydrometallurgical processes, be in gold CIL/CIP/POX, nickel laterite pressure leach, conventional copper HL/SX/EW, to more exotic processes such as smelter dust treatment or copper concentrate leaching.

They have not only been involved in design/construction/commissioning, but have significant operating experience and understand typical challenges such as materials of construction selection and the impacts of variable mineralogy.
Offgas Handling and Treatment
We have deep expertise with 40 years of experience shared by the associates.

Be it waste heat recovery, hot gas cleaning, scrubbing, filtering or acid making of strong or lower strength gas, or the capture and treatment of fugitive gas emissions, our team has personal experience of the wide variety of available technology backed up with hands-on experience of real world systems and their idiosyncrasies.

Reliable effective gas systems can be designed, built, and operated provided the correct skills and experience are brought to bear. We have that knowledge.
Effluent Treatment
The increasingly complex treatment of scrubber blowdown and associated minor element fixation is frequently a source of problems in operations and a frequent cause of environmental exceedances.

Techniques such as high density precipitation are regularly touted by rarely live up to promised performance.

Our team brings knowledge of multiple plants including some of an extremely complex nature that have met and on occasions exceeded their targeted specification with regards to product quality and effluent cleanliness.

Our people have also improved the performance of existing operations by applying their deep understanding to define better operating parameters.
Process Control
With the advent of big data analytics, cloud computing and enterprise systems, process control is elevated from simple DCS control to that which feeds IT/OT integration enabling advanced business capabilities such as integrated supply chain management and nimble market driven operational optimizations to maximize asset value in both the short and long term.

Cognisance of these modern demands is key to developing control strategies that are both tailored for the demand of the client but carry the architecture to enable full advantage to be taken of the rapidly advancing IT.

Our team fully appreciates and understands these requirements and brings them to the table for optimal process control implementation.
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